A variety of arts and health related practices can be found in Singapore. They are undertaken and developed by independent artists, creative arts therapists, arts organisations, arts and cultural institutions and national agencies to reach segments of society, of various age groups, in a variety of settings.

Participatory Art in the Community

Dance and Movement for Wellness

Arts and End-of-Life

Music, Sound and Wellbeing

Arts for Ageing Well

Writing, Applied Theatre and Reminiscence Art for Wellbeing

Arts, Creativity and Technology for Seniors

Arts, Disability and Social Inclusivity

Arts for All

National Arts Council

Agency for Integrated Care

Wellness Programme

Communicating Health and Illness Through the Arts

Creative Arts Therapies

Cultural and Art Venues, Access and Wellbeing

Design for Health and Wellbeing-related Practices

Arts in Health

and Social Care

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