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Arts for All - National Arts Council

Arts for All

National Arts Council’s Arts for All has been instrumental at expanding the reach of the arts in the community. Launched in 2008, as part of the roll-out of RCP III, Arts for All has developed a range of arts events and programmes, toolkits, resources and workshops to promote self-expression, creativity and bonding through the arts by bringing the arts to different places and segments of society. The articulation and interest in participants’ wellbeing in some of the recent programmes is an indicator of development and awareness of arts for health. For example, Silver Arts Festival (est. 2012) is an annual festival organised to promote creative ageing and enhance their wellbeing. The month-long event offers opportunities for seniors to showcase their creative talents, as well as to learn new skills and co-create content with artists, arts organisations and community partners through workshops and performances. In addition, other examples of community arts in Singapore have also been documented by NAC through their two set publications of Impacting Communities Through the Arts. Each publication captures the best practices of 12 community arts projects that have demonstrated the value of arts in engaging individuals within the communities and how the arts have impacted their lives

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