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Communicating Health and

Illness through the Arts.

Health Communication

Besides conducting participatory arts in the community, artists have also used their art to express and communicate issues and experience of health and illness. Calvin Pang ( contemplates on loss, grief through interactive art installations and performances while Visual artists Janel Ang ( and Michael Tan ( works with installations to share and ponder on their caregiving experiences. The former on mental health and the latter sharing perspective from a son taking care of his father with para supra nuclear palsy - a neurodegenerative disease. More recently, Personally Speaking (circa 2019), a visual art exhibition commissioned by Lien Foundation - a philanthropic organisation,  presented the work of eight artists: graphic novelists, poster and printmakers, photographers and filmmakers, to shed light on the challenges and rewards of caring for people with special needs, mental illness and frail or ill elderly. (

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