Participatory Arts in the Community


Artsolute (est. 2011) has engaged communities of various needs, in Singapore and in regional Asian countries through various art forms including visual arts, drama, puppetry, and music. Their projects have attended to learning and emotional needs and social gaps such as disaster risk reduction, apathy, dementia care, and intercultural differences. Their arts and health related projects include Lovebuds: Arts for Persons with Dementia (2015-2016), which taps into the arts to foster relations between persons with dementia and their family and professional caregivers; and Artwards (2013 - 2018), a hospital ward-based programme that aims to alleviate the loneliness and pain of patients through art workshops such as playback theatre and expressive drawing and storytelling. 

Community Cultural Development Singapore 

Community Cultural Development (CCD) is an independent art organisation established in 2010 to promote collaboration between artists and members of the community with aims to address the needs and concerns of communities that might have been socially excluded due to economic, physical, political, psychological and social factors. Some of the arts and health related projects undertaken by CCD in partnership with artists and professionals from a variety of sectors including Creative Dance for Persons with Dementia at several public acute hospitals (Singapore General Hospital, Changi General hospital); developing participatory art project for organisations such Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, Children’s Home, Senior Activity Centres; researching on the impact of Theatre for Seniors programme by The Necessary Stage. In addition, CCD has organised discursive platforms to promote discussion on art for community development. In early 2020, it launched the Person-Centred Arts practices training programme for artists who wish to deepen their skills to develop effective practice.