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Creative Arts Therapies

West East Pte Ltd

West East (est. 2004) is a Private Limited company that provides art and yoga therapy to people living in Singapore, and provides professional supervision to other art therapist around the world. West East provides a wide range of art therapy, which includes painting, sculpting, drawing, knitting, weaving, drama and play therapy to individuals of various needs. West East also provides traditional yoga therapy, which is a customized program for people seeking to incorporate daily discipline to support their well-being. The tailored service is focused on discipline, physical exercise, breathing techniques, and mindfulness. The therapy is practiced in a home-clinically setting and in partnership with Singaporean institutions, schools, NGO's, and organizations. Additionally, there are also care-giving services, focused on training female domestic migrant workers for home care givers in Singapore. The service includes, training the female workers to care for families with children, elderly, special needs children, mental health care.

Association for Music Therapy (Singapore)

Formed in 2007, ATMS is the professional association for music therapists in Singapore. As there is currently no formal education for Music Therapy in Singapore, most of the Music therapists received their postgraduate education and training from overseas institutions from the USA, UK, Australia and Korea and holds at least a Master Degree in Music Therapy.

Art Therapy Association Singapore

ATAS (est. 2008) is the professional association for art therapists in Singapore. Art therapists in Singapore holding a Master Degree in Art Therapy, received their postgraduate education and training either from local institutions (LASALLE College of the Arts) or from overseas institutions such as the USA or UK. 


Danspire is a somatic arts for health and wellness organisation founded by Vincent Yong. As one of the few somatic movement practitioners in Singapore, the registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist have offered somatic movement wellness programme,  somatic movement therapy, flow Ballet for the general public as well as cancer survivors.    

Psycho Drama Singapore

PsychoDrama Singapore is an initiative set by psychodramatist Sharmini Winslow under the auspices of Promises Healthcare. Her experience in the fields of the Performing Arts and Counselling aided her in developing a dynamic and innovative form of Experiential Therapy for stress management, altering perspectives, grief work, Relationship Trauma Repair and catharsis of emotions. She has worked with the prison, special needs schools, Children’s home and hospitals.

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