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Health Communication

Besides conducting participatory arts in the community, artists have also used their art to express and communicate issues and experience of health and illness. Calvin Pang ( contemplates on loss, grief through interactive art installations and performances while Visual artists Janel Ang ( and Michael Tan ( works with installations to share and ponder on their caregiving experiences. The former on mental health and the latter sharing perspective from a son taking care of his father with para supra nuclear palsy - a neurodegenerative disease. More recently, Personally Speaking (circa 2019), a visual art exhibition commissioned by Lien Foundation - a philanthropic organisation, presented the work of eight artists: graphic novelists, poster and printmakers, photographers and filmmakers, to shed light on the challenges and rewards of caring for people with special needs, mental illness and frail or ill elderly. (

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Dec 15, 2023

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Jun 19, 2023

Weight Management: One of the primary advantages of health and fitness is weight management. Regular exercise combined with a healthy diet helps in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Physical activity burns calories and healthy lifestyle tips boosts metabolism, contributing to weight loss. It also helps to prevent weight gain, obesity, and associated health issues.

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