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Performance & Health Symposium 2023

The Performance and Health Symposium is a collaboration between LASALLE College of the Arts and the National University of Singapore. It will be held from 30 November to 1 December 2023 to create new synergies between disciplines and  examine the multifaceted intersection of performance and health. The symposium will explore new possibilities that can emerge from that intersection and provide space for discussions and future collaborations.

Arts and Health: An Expanding Field of Activism to Foster a Flourishing World

An interview with Dr Michael Tan, an Associate Professor in Art and Design at Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam Univeristy to delve into a deeper understanding of the emerging field of Arts and Health in Singapore. The interview provides insights on the expanding notions of applied creative practice alongside or outside contemporary art and, positing artists as creative caregivers. 

Arts in Eldercare Seminar

The Arts in Eldercare Seminar is an annual platform established in 2013 by the National Arts Council under its Arts for All initiative. The event is a key platform that brings together local and international social and healthcare practitioners, artists, aged care policymakers and funders to explore how engagement in the arts can contribute to the psychosocial well-being of seniors.

AIC Up and Up: A Forum on Community Care 

This cross-agency forum was first organised by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in 2013. It offered an opportunity to connect professionals from the healthcare, social care, and the arts sectors and promote understanding on the synergy between different sectors as well to encourage cross-sector collaborations to enhance health and social care services.  It featured international experts and leading practitioners in health and social care and the arts.

The Greenhouse Sessions: Artswok Collaborative

The Greenhouse Sessions is a community of practice established in 2013 to bring about individuals in the arts-based community to network and share their ideas to tackle a common concern. Each session features a different topic, bringing in various speakers and facilitators from different fields of expertise. Till date, there had been nineteen sessions and covered a wide variety of topics ranging from creative leadership, cultural mapping, community engagement to creative placemaking.

Roundtable Series at SAM: Arts, Health and Wellbeing Connections and conversation - Singapore Art Museum & Dr Michael Tan (2014)

A roundtable event organised by the Singapore Art Museum and Dr Michael Tan, gathered  industry experts from the fields of the arts and health to gather together and share their experiences, expectations, and vision of how artistic creativity contributes to the overall wellbeing of people, ranging from seniors, disabled, youths in a variety of setting such as nursing homes, hospital and community. Panelists include Ms Angela Liong (The ARTS FISSION Company), Mr Charles Lingham (Director of Nursing & Human Resource, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually-Infirmed), Dr Donald Yeo (Clinical Neuropsychologist), Dr Felicia Low (Founding Director, Community Cultural Development), Ms Lily Goh (Co-Founder & Director, ExtraOrdinary Horizons) and Ms Tan Hwee Ping (Assistant Director, Community Relations, JurongHealth Services).

Arts & Disability Forum

The Arts & Disability Forum was initiated by the National Arts Council (NAC) and co-organised by British Council and Singapore International Foundation in 2015 to explore the potential of arts in the disability sectors, with emphasis of community engagement and participation across the social-health-arts sector. The themes for the Arts & Disability Forum  have developed throughout the years, building on insights and developments gathered from previous iterations of the forum. The 2015 inaugural forum laid the groundwork by bringing together healthcare professionals, artists and policy makers to understand the opportunities in the arts-disability sector and the existing gaps in the arts and disability sector. This led to the focus of themes surrounding greater social inclusiveness, meaningful collaborations for artistic development in the disability sector and empowerment of people with disabilities in  the later forums.

Seniors Empowered! 2017 - National Council for Social Service and Tsao Foundation

Seniors Empowered! 2017 is a conference organised by the National Council for Social Service (NCSS) in partnership with Tsao Foundation on 3 November 2017. The conference provided a platform for eldercare practitioners running community programmes, policymakers and volunteer groups working with seniors to explore ways to create a culture of empowerment that would promote the agency of older persons through keynotes and breakout sessions. International and local presenters include: Dr Bill Thomas of the Eden Alternative and Ms Susana Harding, director of the Tsao Foundation’s International Longevity Centre Singapore, shared on “Rumah Whampoa”, which empowers elder residents with the curatorial skills to create a living museum from personal and communal artefacts. 

Arts and Culture Research Symposium 

The Arts and Culture Research Symposium started in 2017 to provide a platform for practitioners and researchers to network and explore ideas in creating awareness of the diversity of arts research and to further encourage arts research in Singapore. The first run of the symposium in 2017 focused on discussing the scope of academic research on the arts in Singapore and sharing on the arts and practice-based research undertaken by local academics. That provided foundation for the symposium in 2019 to further the discussion on the impact of the arts on spaces, people and communities.

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