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AIC Wellness Programme

Amongst the health and social services sector, AIC is identified as the frequent adopter of Arts and Health. In 2014, AIC established the AIC Wellness programme in partnership with NAC to introduce arts in the eldercare landscape. Apart from raising awareness amongst service providers (e.g., healthcare professionals) on the potential benefits of art activities on the wellbeing of their clients, the programme also offers a wide repertoire of training programmes such as facilitation in visual arts activities (e.g., painting) to creative movements to engage the elderly and to improve social care within nursing home settings (Agency for Integrated Care, 2014, pp. 18-20). Strategically, the Wellness Programme was also positioned to be in-line with the strategic directions of the ‘3 Beyonds’ (Beyond Healthcare to Health) strategy and the Enhance Nursing Home Standards (ENHS) policy by MOH to improve clinical, social and organisational aspects of nursing homes, encourage holistic care practices and keep care recipients meaningfully engaged in Singapore (Siau, 2014, Ministry of Health, 2015b, p. 15). Under the Wellness Programme, AIC had continuously developed partnerships and expanded its repertoire of arts programmes in social care for the aged.

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